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CFK Testimonial

My daughter, Dallas, and I have been a part of the PIC:CFK program for two years now. I believe we were one of the first people to join the program and have not had one moment of regret since. The support we have gotten from the members of our team and the generous help we have received from Celebrities Fore Kids have been tremendous! My daughter was diagnosed with an atypical form of Rhett’s syndrome several years ago.

I have been lucky to have the financial support that I have had, but it continues to be a struggle as a single mother. To allow Dallas opportunities to enjoy activities and get out in the world, I sell refurbished children’s toys, make crafts and projects, and resell collectables. Although it has helped in many ways, we continue to be grateful for the generous funds received from CFK. Without the additional financial help, I know that our life would be much more stressful. Just recently, funds were given to us that came from CFK that allowed me to purchase specialized food for my daughter. Currently, she receives all nutrition through a G tube rather than eating it through her mouth. I have always believed that my daughter deserves to have and taste food even if she isn’t able to eat it. Each day, I make three meals for Dallas and blend them up so they can go through her G tube into her stomach. Recently, I found an amazing company that has prepackaged and pre-prepared foods that are specifically made for G tubes. Unfortunately, insurance does not pay for these and I don’t have the available funds to purchase them. We were able to get several of these bags through funds from CFK. Saying we are blessed is an understatement. Thank you Little Treasures PIC team and thank you CFK for enriching Dallas’ life and making mine a little more manageable!

Parent of Dallas