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CFK Testimonial

On the financial side, CFK has helped my family in such incredible ways. They have assisted with us with getting the A/C fixed in our van and also getting new tires on it. This is so important because this van is how I get to and from my doctor visits and it also provides me the opportunity to sometimes get out and see the world. They have assisted with gift cards for gas and groceries, which are sometimes difficult for my family to afford. Often times my mom can’t work because my nurses don’t show up and my mom has to be my nurse, assuring that I get my medicines and nutrition all throughout the day and night. CFK also helps to take care of us by sometimes providing a gift card for my mom to go get a massage and essential oils to help reduce stress. It is important that my mom stays healthy so she can take care of me. Lastly, CFK helped to provide the funds for me to get Apple TV, which is a device that helps to improve my quality of life. It gives me the opportunity to engage and interact with my nurses and family in a technologically advanced way. Also, its fun. ☺

I am so grateful that all of these people have come into our lives. It has been so much fun working with everyone and receiving the great care they provide. I can’t imagine how different my life would be right now without the emotional, financial, medical, and spiritual care that they offer. Little Treasures and CFK rock!

Dylan Picariello