Meet Brayan

Brayan is a four year old boy receiving services from the Little Treasures Program at Treasure Coast Hospice, a referring partner of Celebrities Fore Kids. Bryan was diagnosed with Congenital Cytomegalovirus (CMV) at birth, a disorder caused by a virus that the mother contracted during pregnancy.

Brayan faces several challenges every day.  He is nonverbal, unable to sit or stand independently, and has frequent seizures. Due to his high needs, Brayan’s mother stays home with him while his father works to make ends meet.

In the past several months, Brayan has had to have many appointments in Miami to address his seizure activity and stabilize it. During a visit in the beginning of February, the family shared that Brayan would be admitted into the hospital in Miami for a week accompanied by his mom.

Celebrities Fore Kids provided much needed financial support for Brayan and his family for daily living expenses.