The CFK Patient Assistance Program 

The CFK Patient Assistance Program is designed to help families in need during times where extenuating circumstances have occurred and assistance is needed on a one on one basis.  If you have a child with cancer or other life-altering or life-threatening illness and would like assistance, please call 772.781.7943 or 772.486.3916 for an application.  Applicants are also referred to our program by our referring partners, service providers, social service providers, other medically related organizations, or individuals who can qualify under the CFK application process. 

Types of Need for which financial assistance is granted - The following needs are authorized:

  • Transportation to and from treatment (including but not limited; to regular doctors’ visits, tests, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, alternative therapies and psychiatric and social counseling relating to the illness for the patient and immediate family)
  • Reasonable expenses for food and lodging during any treatment
  • Emergency funding for daily living needs (including but not limited to fuel, utilities, housing, food, clothing, and education)
  • Medical and prescription costs (not covered by insurance)
  • Individual and/or family counseling for issues relating to the illness
  • Respite Care – restaurant gift cards for family night out
  • In-home healthcare service
  • Other expenses as approved by the CFK Board of Directors


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