Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of children living in South Florida ?

Meet Ellice, 8 years old

In spite of her December, 2013 Osteosarcoma diagnosis . . . Ellice is doing wonderful!

Currently, Ellice is in 3rd Grade. Initially, this was challenging as, due to her medical condition, her mom and dad made the tough decision to withdraw her from 2nd Grade following her diagnosis. Naturally, Ellice missed her teacher, classmates and the overall elementary school experience. This is understandable. Don’t you find yourself, every now and again, fondly recalling elementary school memories?

Academically, Ellice has not suffered thanks to the kindness of her teacher who visits her at home. Together, they review new concepts and lessons. Ellice LOVES to read. Her #1 activity involves using her tablet to read digital books and play games. A close second is spending time playing with her younger sister and brother. While playing together, they often imagine and discuss what they will be “when they grow up”. Although Ellice had every intention of being a firefighter, before her diagnosis – now, she has expanded her plan to include being a nurse. Yes. Ellice Sena, RN, FD/EMT. GO ELLICE! YOU CAN DO IT! To successfully fill this dual role, extremely sharp skills are required and there is no doubt that Ellice meets that criteria!

As expressed by her mother, Eclise, “We have been part of the Celebrities Fore Kids family since December, 2013. Our family is forever grateful for the emotional and financial support they’ve provided. We have nothing but great things to say. It has been a long journey as Ellice continues to fight through the many issues and side effects related to this terrible disease. To stay positive, I often say ‘this is just a season and it will soon pass.’”

Ellice’s mother continues, “We don’t know how we would’ve made it through without the support of everyone. Personally, my daughter’s illness has changed my life for the better. I look at life in a way that I don’t take things for granted. Many things have changed and I don’t look at tomorrow the same.”