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Meet Kieran, 5 years old

Story Now, he is a 5 year old kindergartener. Cancer changed his life, in a big way, as he was diagnosed when only 5 weeks old. Since that time, Kieran has shared a special bond with his ‘Mommy’. After two years of chemotherapy, only having his feeding tube removed months later, Kieran can be counted among those who have survived cancer!

Kieran still has a long list of doctors that he sees. Why? Although cancer-free, Kieran is working to overcome the challenging side effects linked to his chemotherapy treatments. He, regularly, sees speech, occupational and physical therapists. Although 5, Kieran is small in stature weighing in at 33 pounds and is working to strengthen his gross motor skills.

The fact that Kieran loves to play with his two dogs – if he has his way, he will add a cat to his family of pets – unbeknownst to him, contributes to his development. Not to mention his love for swimming and the fact that he just cannot resist the beautiful beaches in our community.

A challenge that affects Kristine, Kieran’s mom, as much as it affects him, is time apart. Remember, he is in kindergarten. Like any mom, Kristine was very concerned that Kieran’s classmates would recognize their ‘differences’ and, as such, the ‘bullying’ would ensue. Having second thoughts about enrolling Kieran in school, three days before classes officially started, Kristine wrote a heartfelt letter to his teacher explaining why her decision to withdraw Kieran was in his (their) best interest.

Two days later, Kristine received a phone call. The woman on the other end was in tears. After collecting herself, she explained that she was so moved by Kristine’s letter as, not only was she Kieran’s assigned teacher, she was a cancer survivor!!! “His teacher is a God send. She really looks out for and cares for him,” shared Kristine.

“We so love being a part of the Celebrities Fore Kids family. They are such a kind-hearted group of people . . . individually too! They are so warm and loving. I can’t tell you how many times, thanks to them, I have received gift cards. We’ve had food for months! Their support goes beyond money. When Kieran was diagnosed, our friends and family ran. We have relied on strangers for the past five years. They have now become our family! We cannot wait to see everyone – our family –  in September at the Party Fore the Kids at the Hobe Sound Golf Club!”