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Meet Ryan

Ryan is a 5 year old boy, who suffered an anoxic brain injury about 3 years ago, due to a near drowning accident. He is on our Pediatric Hospice team. He lives with his mother, father and younger brother. Ryan requires 24 hour nursing care to assist with his medical needs. He has a trach and tube feeding. He is totally dependent for all activities of daily living. Recently, they experienced a power outage that lasted about 6 hours. It is devastating to his health if he goes without electricity because he needs frequent suctioning and nebulizer treatments to keep his airway clean, air conditioning due to having difficulty to regulate his body temperature, and the use of a pump for his tube feedings.  Since this occurred, the family realized how essential the power was for them. CFK was able to help with funding so that they could purchase a generator in the event that this occurs again. They are so grateful for all the support they have received.