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Meet Tyler, 16 years old

He is a 16 year old high school student (Important Note: “Will be 17 in December”). Like many of his peers, in his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and wowing any willing participant with his “hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye” tricks.

Something that sets Tyler apart from his peers is that he is battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It is understandable that Tyler has “good” days and “bad”. An especially challenging time is when he returns home from chemotherapy treatments. It is during this time that he envisions his future. After attaining his degree in Culinary Arts, he will own and operate a food truck. In about 6 years, look for Tyler . . . our local “Food Truck Invasion” is in his sights. These are not passing thoughts. “He SEES himself THERE!”

Born into a family with a great love and appreciation for music, Tyler is an accomplished baritone horn player. He also plays the trumpet and several woodwind instruments. No doubt, you can imagine why one of his biggest challenges, at this time, is that he is unable to participate in his high school marching band.

If you are, or know, anyone who is proud to call them self a “Band Geek”, this is a way of life. Marching band is their socialization. Marching band is a brother-and-sisterhood! Imagine the sense of loss when, at this critical junction in life, you cannot play (literally) a part. As tough as this is, Tyler knows that he will soon be able to occupy his “place” on his school’s football field. As stated before, “He SEES himself THERE!”

Tyler has been a member of the Celebrities Fore Kids family for many years. He often expresses how much he appreciates what they have done for him and his family. What Celebrities Fore Kids, and our community, wants to express to Tyler is that we appreciate him even more! What an inspiring example of bravery and courage! Tyler looks forward to meeting you in September at the “Party Fore the Kids” (1:00PM – Hobe Sound Golf Club).

Keep fighting, Tyler! Trust that, each day, you are inspiring us to do the same. We will be the first ones in line when your food truck opens . . . of course, following the marching band introduction.